Battle Declining Revenue With Custom Database Strategies

“Declining revenue” is a two-word phrase that is the worst nightmare for any casino marketer. When revenue is up, work is a breeze and everyone is happy. When revenue is down, tensions grow high and misery brews.

1964 Bob Dylan Song Uncannily Predicts 2016 Google Search Updates

Over the past 10 months, Google has — and will continue to — change more facets of their Organic and Paid Search programs (Google Search Engine and Google Adwords) than they have for the past 16 years.

Buying Media During an Election Year

The 2016 presidential election is predicted to net over $4 billion in TV advertising alone. With that in mind, here are the top five media planning and buying steps you should already be taking this election year.

Casino Database Marketing Glossary

From "Acquisition" to "Theoretical Win" and everything in bewteen. This casino marketing term glossary is the go-to guide for casino and database marketers that are new to the gaming industry. Feel free to bookmark this list for future use!

15 Casino Promotion Strategy Ideas That Work

A good marketing calendar has balance, a mixture of mass and targeted promotions. Sometimes the goal is to see a big bump in revenue; other times the goal is to boost a certain demographic or daypart. Targeted casino promotion ideas can also elbow their way in front of the competition.

How to Combat Negative Comments on Social Media

What happens when a guest has a bad experience and lets you know about it by posting on social media? When a guest leaves a low rating on TripAdvisor, a negative Facebook comment, or a bad review on Yelp, we’re here to help you figure out how to handle the situation in a way that’s both positive and productive.

Cue the Wrecking Ball

In the fall of 1998, I returned to my agency after the birth of my second child, and the same big black cardboard storyboard was sitting in my office, waiting for yet another revision. It was as if I hadn’t left, hadn’t been out of the office for a full three months. In fact, I think I produced a surprising, endlessly entertaining human being faster than this agency produced a television spot. A spot even I can’t remember.

Cut to the fall of 2015.

Grandma has Facebook?

We’ve all felt it: the wave of panic when an unexpected name pops up in your Friend Requests. Really, they have Facebook? What do you do? Limited profile? Pretend you haven’t checked Facebook in weeks? (Yeah, right.) Social media audiences have changed drastically over the past few years, and it is finally official — social media isn’t just for Millennials anymore. Which begs the question: Who is using social media, and what does this mean for casino marketers?

How to Hire a Casino Database Expert

There's no question — your database team needs to have all the right technical skills. After all, when it comes to data, crunching numbers, analyzing those numbers, and providing detailed reports is key for your business. But when you add "strong communicator" to the Casino Database Strategist job description, that's a game changer.

Casino Marketers: 10 Tips to a Killer Billboard Campaign

Know the strengths of billboard advertising — as well as how those strengths fit your casino's brand strategy and media plan — and you’ll hit the jackpot. Here are 10 killer tips for how you can use billboards to gain a competetive advantage in your market.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Promotions

Do promotions actually drive revenue? Or are we rewarding players who are coming anyway? Monthly promotions, or as we call them at Red Circle, Mass Promotions, account for a large chunk of Marketing’s monthly budget. How do we make sure we’re confidently using these dollars to drive profit? Are we planning promotions to fill a calendar or are we making data-driven decisions to drive incremental revenue through our active database?

Misspelled Words You Didn’t Know You Were Mispelling

You have to wonder sometimes what those guys who created the English language were thinking. What was going through their minds when they decided that it was acceptable for the word “present” to have three different meanings and two different pronunciations? Since there’s no changing things now or in the foreseeable future, accepting it is the next best option. Here's how.

New ideas: What are they worth?

Without a good idea, we're standing still. No, that's not true. In today's world, standing still is actually moving backwards. A good idea can make a difference. The lack of a good idea means nothing. As in, nothing changes. As in, I hope the competition doesn't buy a new idea and move ahead of us.

Where are you getting your new ideas?

Programmatic: What the heck is it?

You hear people everywhere talking about it. That young, ad tech-obsessed guy at your office talks about it incessantly, throwing around acronyms and jargon. You’re pretty sure that robots might be involved, and some sort of algorithm. What is programmatic ad buying, anyway?

Saying “Happy Birthday” Goes a Long Way

When it comes to birthdays, it’s the thought that counts. So, you should think about sending your casino guests personalized birthday promotional messages! Not only does it show that you care, it’s also a solid way to boost your business.

10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Advertising Agency

Collaborating with the right partner grows your brand. And growing your brand grows your bottom line. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: are you getting your money’s worth? Here are the top ten questions to ask your agency.

The Secret Sauce of Digital Marketing

Red Circle's EVP, Angel Suarez was featured in Casino Journal's July 2016 cover story, " Embracing Digital Platforms in Gaming."

10 Things You Should Know: Designing Digital Display Banners

Have you grown skeptical of display ads online? Cast that skepticism aside. Technology has evolved. We can now serve ads to the right people, at the right time, on the right device. How cool is that?