Casino Marketing Strategy

What motivates your players?

You need the right offers to get to your most valuable players. With a staff of former Casino Marketing Directors, the Red Circle Database Team is an extension of your marketing team, researching, analyzing and reporting on data, working with you on a reinvestment strategy to maximize profits.

With Red Circle’s proprietary database marketing software, RECON, we can leverage your data even more quickly and cost effectively to make the right investments in the right players. What used to be complicated and time consuming is now push-button easy.

Database Strategy

Who to target, what they’ll respond to, when you want them — the profits will tell you why.

Player Development

The right tools to grow the right players in the right way. We understand the game.

Promotional Strategy

Give them a reason to come, and reason to come back. Next week, and the week after that.


Qualitative plus quantitative. Yes, opposites do attract.

Casino Staff Training

Let us guide your team and ensure the vision is executed flawlessly.


We’ve been in your shoes. We can provide expert advice when you need it most.

Casino Marketing Planning

A solid 12-month marketing and promotional calendar. No more stress. No more headaches.

RECON Database Software

Save time. Ask the tough questions, and let the software crunch the numbers for you.

Custom Software Development

If you aren’t using a solution designed specifically for you, are you really fixing the problem?