We spent $2 MILLION less on media, yet increased our reach and frequency. And because we were more accurately finding our guests with our message, visits went up. Profits went up. Millions of dollars in media savings, yet many, many times that dollar amount in increased earnings. Truly amazing.

Kenny Manuel — Assistant CEO at Gila River Gaming Enterprises

Case Study: Media

The Challenge

A multi-property casino group wants an effective media plan for all properties. The current plan isn’t cutting it: Every year, media spend goes up, but the casino’s numbers remain flat. The client’s $6M budget includes spot TV, regional cable, local radio, newspapers and out-of-home. Additional dollars are allocated to sports team sponsorship.

Our Approach

Red Circle implemented a data-driven, measurable new plan that made the most of media efficiencies. By identifying the right audience for the casino, and targeting this audience with precision, the Red Circle media team was able to deliver impressive results.

The Results

In the first year with Red Circle, the casino reached all its marketing goals for $2 million less a year. What’s more, sports sponsorships were incorporated at no extra cost. Advertising achieved greater reach and frequency than ever, yet the casino spent 33% less than the previous year.