Saturdays in February are not usually known as profit blockbusters, but this email worked unbelievably well. This targeted, time-sensitive offer resulted in the most profitable day of the year
 to that point.

Nicole Terrance — Digital Marketing Manager at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

Case Study: Digital

The Challenge

It's Saturday in February with looming winter storms and below-zero temperatures predicted. If the casino isn’t proactive, weekend traffic can slow to a drizzle. How can they quickly entice players to include the casino in their weekend plans, despite the inclement weather?

Our Approach

Red Circle suggested the immediacy of email, segmented based on player worth, so the right player received the most promising offer, and the casino reaped the biggest profits. The personalized nature of the offer captured attention, and, because the offer expired at the end of the upcoming weekend, guests were pushed towards action.

The Results

This “mystery” offer turned out to be hard to refuse. A 30% email redemption rate led to the second most profitable day of the year.