Because of our remote location, brand loyalty is absolutely key to remaining competitive. We had a players club, but we weren’t managing it very well. We just didn’t have the tools to target our best players in ways that brought them in more often.

Robert Pokorney — General Manager at Legendary Waters Casino

Case Study: Casino Strategy

The Challenge

A small Midwestern casino resort wants to increase visits, as well as play within those visits. While a direct mail program is in place, it isn’t effective. How can this casino revise its direct marketing strategies to increase responsiveness?

Our Approach

Red Circle used RECON, its proprietary database software, to segment qualified players. A new series of newsletters — categorized by target demographics and preferences — provided personalized, enticing offers to the casino’s guests. What’s more, the data-driven tactics ensured the casino spent money according to player worth.

The Results

Results were even better than expected: the casino resort saw a revenue increase of 40% year over year, for 2 years running.