This campaign, to me, is the Gold Standard for casino advertising. It was the first campaign to step away from all the amenities-based stuff that virtually every casino was doing. Made stars out of the guests. It created an emotional connection with the brand. And as a result, it works harder, and better, than any casino advertising I've seen — before or since.

Dennis Conrad — President & Chief Strategist at Raving Consulting

Case Study: Account Services

The Challenge

Selling the same casino experience as your competitors is never a good idea, and in a competitive market, it’s especially important to figure out what makes you special. Otherwise, you’re wasting money selling your competition, too. This was the case at a large multi-property casino in the Midwest. This casino brand needed to separate itself in a way that was motivating to its players — and its potential players.

Our Approach

How do you differentiate in a crowded market? You stop pointing the camera at the amenities. Instead, you point the camera at the guests — let your guests tell you what makes you special. Red Circle did just that, creating a unique and genuine brand voice. The new work, highlighting individual guest “stories,” broke through the clutter and became a highly recognized campaign.

The Results

Once the new campaign was up and running, recall went through the roof. The competitors in the market were forced to spend more and more in order to have a fair share of voice. Even after spending 2 and 3 times more, competitive advertising still wasn’t as memorable.