Need a custom software solution?

As former casino marketers, we've been in your shoes. We know sometimes, what you need doesn't exist. From managing player data to tracking data that's gone missing, here are a few things we've built.

Casino Database Marketing Software

With Red Circle already doing work in member management, we recognized all too well the problems that happen when data is unreliable or hard to get. Nothing on the market provided this data the way we wanted, so Red Circle created a suite of easy-to-use players club management tools called Recon Software. Now, any casino executive can make use of the data they already have.

Race Track Offer Redemptions

Players club systems are slow, sluggish, and, above all, expensive. So when a race track client needed a simple offer redemption system and promotional tools, Red Circle sat down and made a piece of software to handle these needs. The result is a flexible system for Point of Sale transactions.

Customer Relationship Management

A non profit organization wanted to reach out to its members. How many members did they have? Well, they weren't sure. The organization was saddled with bulky, expensive software that didn't suit its needs. Red Circle created a piece of software to address these concerns, and voila. Members go in, data comes out.

So. What can we do for you?

We've done dozens of custom projects to serve dozens of very specific needs. Let us know what we can do for you.