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There is a lot of great stuff in this article about service, by Dennis Conrad of Raving Consulting. I believe few businesses truly understand just how important these things are and how much impact this makes. We respect and value the expert advice from Dennis and recommend Raving highly. Reading this article got me thinking further about the actual club structure and benefits, the meat and potatoes of a players club? When you’re comfortable with your service what else is going to increase the revenue generated from players? What benefits are most valuable, what should the overall reinvestment be and what about tiers? At Red Circle we start every club restructure with research. Without first examining the strengths and weaknesses of your database, your analysis and reporting, your history, your competition, your company structure, your technology, your capabilities and your guest feedback making changes is a stab in the dark. The condition of your database and your casino will be a large indication for the foundation of your new club. Be cautious of the people that tell you what structural or benefit changes you should make without first understanding the unique aspects of your business. At Red Circle our goal is to fully maximize your revenue and create efficiencies that make our business partners look like rock stars to their executive board and their guests. At Red Circle you won’t get the “everybody does it this way” approach, you’ll get fresh concepts that are focused on your needs and your guests feedback.

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