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While a recent gaming survey touts happy casino employees, how does your company rank? Would the employees surveyed in your casino lower or increase the averages and how does that affect your business?

I believe that good employees are your number one asset, even more so than slot machines. You’re probably thinking that yes, good employees are important but let’s not get crazy and say they are more important than our gaming devices. Well, if you’ve ever listened to Steve Browne you’ve heard that your customers come to your casino hoping to win, expecting to loose and wanting to have a good time. It truly is a good time that you are selling and I’m a firm believer that gamers have too many options to spend their money in a joint that doesn’t treat them well or show them a good time.

I’m also a firm believer that you can train the necessary job skills to an employee that has a great attitude but that you can’t train a great attitude to most employees regardless of their job skills. Finding the right job fit for each employee might be tough and may even seem impossible but the benefits will reach every realm of your operation. A happy employee is often contagious and so is an unhappy employee.

Yet, we can’t stop with just hiring great employees in the right job we also must understand that good leadership is essential. Poor management cripples great employees. Managers must be dedicated to leading by example and truly willing to stand in the trenches alongside their employees when the going gets tough. There are also a lot of great employee recognition and reward programs out there. I would suggest that if your company isn’t offering one to your employees that you look into one soon. Yes, I know that we are in times that require the cutting of programs and not the creation of them; however, how many customers can you afford to lose due to a negative interaction or heck even just a better interaction at your competition?

So where are you going to get all of these good employees and great managers? Are fair wages and good benefits enough to attract and make happy and loyal employees? I will agree that they are a good start but after time they will be unable to combat the pressures of a negative work environment. In my opinion in order for casino employers to ensure that the workforce of good employees is large enough to support business and expansions we must simply strive to be the best employer in not just our markets but within our states and even our regions.

What does it take to be the best employer? To me it is simple but yet very difficult for most businesses to achieve. Every employee must believe that they are very valuable to our company and treated fairly. They must know that they are valuable to the management team, the executive team and even the owners or band members at large, whichever it may be. Employees must know that your business is successful because of their great efforts. They must feel that you’ve been fair and honest with them. Allow them opportunities to make decisions and even mistakes for the guest’s benefit. Employees should not only be able to treat every customer as a guest in their own home they must also want to.

A good employee can make you millions of dollars and a bad employee or a good employee in the wrong job can cause you to lose millions of dollars.

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5 Responses to “Are your hiring practices effective?”

  1. Matt Benka says:

    So, at the risk of this sounding like a canned question, which it is not. We all know that to get anything accomplished it has to be measurable. What would be the best way, to in your opinion, to 1) Measure employee satisfaction, 2) Be proactive in heading off potential employee frustrations 3) measure the effectiveness of those efforts?

    • Nikki says:

      1. In my opinion the most concrete way to measure employee satisfaction is by the quality of service being provided to your guests. It is sort of like the flu, good and bad attitudes are contagious and it doesn’t take long for an unhappy employee to make unhappy guests and other unhappy employees.
      2. You will never prevent all of your employees from becoming frustrated but you can realistically address concerns and prevent the domino effect or backslide of groups of employees by letting your employees have a voice. Meet with your employees regularly, hold focus groups or enterprise meetings with them, ask questions and be receptive or compassionate to their concerns. Whenever possible use their ideas or let them try them new things. Also, when you’re working on tightening budgets and cutting programs don’t cut out all of your employee appreciation programs. You can’t afford to tell your employees that they are not worth a little extra expense.
      3. There are quite a few reliable companies that provide secret shopper service rather inexpensively these days. This can be a good way to measure your employee efforts. Hold focus groups with your guests and ask them about your employees. Or better yet, have your managers and executive team get out on the frontline and work shoulder to shoulder with the employees when the lines are long.

  2. Diane Ristau says:

    To add to Nikki’s great insight…We can’t under appreciate the impact that a supervisor has on their employees. When someone leaves a job, they are typically leaving a person or persons. But if they have a great supervisor that values that employee and communicates with them, employees will put up with a LOT more and give a LOT more to the company and its customers.

    Just like gamers, supervisors need to earn their employees’ loyalty. Invest in good supervisors…at ALL levels.

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